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//Hello everyone. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get on over winter break and it is clearly over that and well on into January. Things have gotten in the way and wasn't able to really get on here much.
I'll be able to answer questions once my contacts come in the mail. But if they don't come soon, I'll just draw the replies with my tablet.
Also question, would you like me to continue do Night Time Ciel or would you like to have more outfits? And if you pick the second one I only have one full outfit as of now for him. I shall soon be getting the Choir Boy outfit by next month. So Once tht comes in I can also wear that and reply to people. But I can also try and do closet cosplay with some outfits and see what would work. I just want to know and see what you guys want.
I also am thinking of getting the donation poll thing for points so I can get a premium for this account. It would be awesome if you helped out. If you do, I can draw you whatever you wish(within reason of course...can't draw yaoi to save my life ;^;) So that may happen and all, and so if you do donate then send me a note and tell me what you want me to draw for you :3
So since I haven't been on much here are the rules again..
-Please be kind to everyone and everyones question. I'm sure you all will, but I'm going to leave it here for reasons. Because no one wants to get me mad and have to talk with you about being polite to other people, because I will.
-Have fun with the questions. Be creative with them. I'm fine with any question really.. Just don't ask to see anything that shouldn't been seen.
-Don't get mad if I don't reply to small comments. I still have questions to do, and can deal with people commenting on a picture, but if I reply to one small comment on it I may not reply for awhile so because I need to find one of the many questions in the comment box.
-Be patient. I know it says it up there. Things come up outside of this account and will be a bit more important then this. Most of the time it will be school related, and seeing as I am a senior in high school this is a big thing and will be off and on. I will get to your questions soon, just don't worry.
And I think that is it for rules for the moment. So do have fun and ask away! It's fun to see your questions and it's fun to answer them as Ciel.
So I hope to see your questions soon!
Have a good day.//
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Ciel Phantomhive
United Kingdom
Feel free to leave a question on my page or in notes and I'll get to it as soon as possible.
Though don't be offended if I don't answer your question right away. It is either because I am doing a different thing, drawing a reply to other peoples question, and or drawing out whatever you had asked. So do be patient.

This is a fan made profile for the character Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji I and II
Ciel Phantomhive and Kuroshitsuji belong to Yana Toboso and all rights are reserved.

//Welcome! I do aplogize for being slow with this.. So of the people who ask me things do be patient. I will do my best to draw Ciel and reply to you. But this doesn't mean you are limited to asking questions! Ask as much as you would like! Really! I just hope you wont mind my scetches and all.. Darn tablet aint working at the moment so we shall all bare with my traditional drawings haha

Anyways, I RolePlay and cosplay Ciel Phantomhive. I have for some time now.. So I shall hope my replies will be to your liking.. I may post some of my Ciel cosplay on here once I get everything running a bit better. I may as well reply to questions in cosplay so don't be alarmed.
My normal account :iconcatchmewithyourlips:

My Sebastian will appear here and there on this account, as for he said to be a butt. Which is fine~
His account :iconniaryusuke:

So yes...Ask as much questions as you would like and I shall do my best to answer to them quickly as I can.//

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